Monday, July 11, 2016

Free Category 1 CME Credit Opportunity

Free Category 1 CME Credit Opportunity
Updated: 07/11/2016

I wanted to take the time to introduce Matt Borges, who has been a PA since 2007.  After graduating from Wake Forest University, Matt spent the majority of his professional career in emergency medicine, where he says every day is an opportunity to encounter the unexpected.  Over the last few years, he has had the pleasure of precepting students, which he claims to serve as a real life reminder that the more you think you know, the more you realize you always have plenty to learn.  

Over the past year, Matt has taken an interest in online educational webinars. While they were initially targeted toward PA students, they spread to an array of health care professionals. Webinars were originally designed to cater to APC's in emergency rooms, urgent cares, and primary care offices, but they also offer exposure to health professionals early in their careers who are still trying to sort what best suits their interests.  

Matt typically teams up with a physician, serving as the expert opinion in their particular field, and walks through cases pertinent to the particular topic. This format has been met with positive reviews, and offers a methodical approach to common issues encountered.  He works to produce webinars every few months, with free registration and opportunity for 1 hour of category 1 CME credit.  

The most current program is on common presentations of pediatric fevers in an ED, happening Tuesday July 12th at 7:30 PM-8:30 PM Eastern Time.  

Registration Here

I hope you'll find a topic that interests you, and check one out, soon!

Matthew M. Borges, PA-C, MMS
APC Director, Virginia Emergency Medicine Associates

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