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Private Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for Physician Assistant Students

Greetings readers,
Below you will find a list of scholarships, grants, and fellowships that PA students (and some PA-C) may apply for. Most of them are for students in graduate programs, so I apologize if you are seeking a bachelor’s degree, associates, or certificate and do not find these useful. However, there may be a few scholarships you can apply to if you are not enrolled in a Master’s degree program, just check them out to be sure. I listed a few UTSW specific scholarships at the bottom. If you have any to add, please leave them in the comments section or e-mail me at

I appreciate all of you reading and keeping me on my toes.

Private Scholarships for Physician Assistant Students
  • Must be a PA student currently enrolled in a PA program
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must be a member of African Heritage Caucus
  • Must submit transcripts with application
  • Must obtain 2 letters of reference (one from faculty advisor or program director)
  • Must complete essay (500-750 words)

  • Deadline: December 15
  • Must be a female with a bachelor’s degree
  • Primary consideration given to women of color and women pursuing first advanced degree or credentials in nontraditional fields

Abbott and Fenner Annual Scholarship Awards - $1,000
  • Must be currently registered in any accredited post secondary institution
  • Deadline: June 15, 2015

  • Merit Based
    • Must be a full-time graduate student at an accredited degree-granting institution
    • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
    • Demonstrate community service and involvement
    • Deadline: August 15
  • Financial Need Based
    • Must be a full-time graduate student at an accredited degree-granting institution
    • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5
    • Demonstrate community service and involvement
    • Deadline: August 15

Due: March

  • Must be enrolled in an ARC-PA accredited PA program
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be a student member of AASPA in good standing
  • Demonstrate an interest in surgical practice
  • Application window: November - July 1
  • Notified: August

Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants Scholarship (4) - Deadline: September 1
  • Must be a first year or second year physician assistant student
  • Must be a member of AFPPA
  • Must demonstrate interest in primary care medicine
  • Must be currently in good academic standing
  • Application requirements here
    • Essay (750 words or less) - describes your commitment to primary care medicine and how your current and past community involvement demonstrates this commitment
    • Registration form with faculty member evaluation completed
  • $1000 (first year students) and $15000 (second year students)

Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania Scholarship

  • Must be currently enrolled in a PA program (first or second year)
  • Must be a student member of APACVS
  • Must have an active interest in cardiovascular surgery as a future career
  • Must have a strong academic record
  • Background of maturity, leadership, and professional integrity

  • $500 to travel to AAPA conference; $2,000 unrestricted
  • Deadline: April 20
  • Must be an AAPA member
  • Must be enrolled in an ARC-PA accredited PA program
  • Must be in the clinical phase or completed basic science courses
  • Must not have received PA foundation or other specialty organization scholarships
  • Must have a strong interest in pursuing oncology field
  • Must not graduate before June of application year
  • Must have a GPA 3.0+

  • Must have completed at least one semester
  • Must have at least a 3.25 GPA
  • Must be enrolled in a career entry-level, degree-granting program (all degree levels eligible)
  • Financial need is not a criterion
  • The school can only make ONE nomination to ASAHP for this award - fowarded to Geoffrey Frabow (MC 9082) no later than Friday, May 16th
  • Nominations due: June 9th

  • Must be enrolled in your tribe
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited full time program and seeking an associate's or higher

Certified Medical Educators Physician Assistant Student Scholarship - $500 (2)
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited PA program
  • Applications are accepted year-round
  • Finalists are chosen in May and December of each year
  • Resume, essay, and questions

  • May Smith Scholarship
  • Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Grace Lee Scholarship
  • James Farnsworth Scholarship

  • Interview Window: April 15 - May 6
  • Students must submit a 500-word or less essay. Entries should demonstrate your best example of demonstrated leadership in your community, the number of hours per week/month/year that you are involved, and how you will continue to stay involved in the community as you continue your education.

  • Awarded on annual basis to assist students in nursing and allied health professions
  • Multiple students from North Texas colleges have been awarded to date
  • Applications made available by contact foundation via visit, call or email.

  • Deadline: February 17, 2015
  • Announcement: May 1, 2015
  • Based on financial need, academic merit, involvement in extracurricular activities, and/or community service

  • Must be postmarked by Jan 24
  • Application must be complete (made available by calling, emailing, or visit)
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Current transcript
  • GPA: 3.4+ (must have completed 30 semester hours)
  • Males or females may apply
  • Preference to previous awardees and then to Dallas/Fort Worth residents attending Texas schools
  • Letter explaining financial need, educational goals, and plans after graduation
  • Current letter from Student Aid Office stating financial need
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor, department chair, or official of the educational institution
Delores Zohrab Liebman Fund
  • Deadline: Jan 20th

  • Must be currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning in the state of Texas and have completed a minimum one year of study
  • Must plan to continue or further your education in the health field at a post-secondary institution
  • Must have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or greater

  • Essay on advancements to combat obesity

  • Open to members of the US uniformed services (active, reserve, and retired) and their spouses and dependents, First Command Financial Services’ clients and their families, dependent family members of First Command Advisors and field office staff members, and non-contractual ROTC students.
  • Based on merit, strength of applicants’ recommendations, quality of essays
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Scholarships awarded to students seeking accredited graduate degrees

  • Application open: August 1- December 31
  • Must be a legal resident of the US
  • Can be a 9-12 grade high school student, college, or graduate student
  • Must currently be enrolled or planning to start within next 12 months

  • Each scholarship requires a different application
  • Must be a Golden Key Member to be eligible, although being an active member is not required for all scholarships.
  • May apply for more than one scholarship

  • Must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must be pursuing your first graduate degree
  • Must apply for FAFSA
  • Must enroll full-time as a graduate student at an accredited US institution

  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must be a legal resident of Texas for 12 consecutive months prior to applying

Jim Meeks, PA-C, DFAAPA Memorial AFPPA Student Scholarship - $1500 (2)
  • Essay (750 words) describing commitment to family practice, rural health and education
  • Registration form with completed faculty form (recommendation)
  • Deadline: September 1

Johnson & Johnson Scholarship for Pre-Physician Assistant Students - $25,000 (2)
  • Selected based on financial need, academic performance, community service, and commitment to providing care in underserved communities
  • Recipients announced in August

  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • Must have Korean hertiage and be studying within the US regardless of citizenship
  • Can be undergraduate, graduate, or high school students enrolled full time

  • School must be registered for LatPro’s scholarship program (call 954-727-8822)
  • Deadline: April 30, 2014


  • Offers educational assistance grants to the children of Massachusetts fallen Service members

  • Deadline: May
  • Application: contact volunteer services at (972) 566-7066 or email
  • Must have sound educational background and pattern of achievement
  • Must be at least in second year of college (30 hours completed)
  • Must need financial assistance that cannot be provided by family
  • Must show an interest in employment at MCD Humana Hospital after graduation

Mesothelioma Help Scholarship -$100-$5,000 awards
  • Essay

  • Must be African American, Mexican American, Native American, or mainland Puerto Rican
  • Many available, see website for details

National Federation of Republican Women: National Pathfinder Scholarship - $2,500 x 3
  • Deadline: June 1
  • Must be a female seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees
  • Scholarship winners may not reapply

  • Deadline: April 1
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a college student pursuing a certificate of associate’s degree as a PA or NP at an accredited university or college
  • Can be a high school student planning to pursue studies in these fields

Pan American Round Tables of Texas: Florence Terry Griswold Scholarship
  • Deadline: January 31, 2015
  • Must be a native citizen of one of the Pan American countries
  • Must be a female student
  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and working on master’s at a state-supported college or university in Texas
  • Preference given to applicants who will return to native country and put US study and training to use

  • Deadline: March 7, 2014
  • Awards mini-grants ($500-600) to implement projects focused on the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators within your community or at your academic institution
  • Must be a current graduate physician assistant of an accredited institution
    • Cannot be graduating in the year you apply
  • Must commit to attend each symposium day in full (June 20-22, 2014 in DC)
  • Must have a project mentor with experience in public health and prevention
  • Must develop and implement a community-based project
  • Requirements:
    • CV or Resume
    • Unofficial or official transcript
    • 1 letter of recommendation
    • Statement of purpose
    • Project proposal

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS) - $10,000
  • Must be a citizen of a country other than US or Canada
  • Must be graduate student or attend Cottey College

  • Must be doing an international rotation and funds must be used toward trip/rotation
  • Must be a current paid PAGH member
  • Must be enrolled in an ARC-PA accredited PA program
  • Deadline: mid-April
  • Requirements
    • Letter from school stating you’re in good academic standing
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Essay (500 words) - international PA work, working with underserved populations, educational objectives for going on an international rotation, future career goals
    • Must write a post-trop article for the PAGH newsletter
  • Email for more information

  • Requires membership in PALH and AAPA
  • Leadership in Latino community or interest in Latino health issues
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Letter of Recommendation from instructor or preceptor
  • Statement of purpose
  • Application here

Physician Assistant Foundation Student Scholarships - $2000-5000
  • Must be a member of AAPA
  • Must attend an ARC-PA accredited program and successfully completed at least 1 semester and be in good academic standing
  • Awarded in early May
  • Scholarships for underrepresented minority students or economically and/or educationally disadvantaged: AAPA Past Presidents Scholarship ($2500), Bristol-Meyers Squibb Endowed Scholarship (2 x $2500), NCCPA Endowed Scholarship (2 x $2000), Proctor & Gamble Endowed Scholarship (2 x $1000), PA Foundation Scholarship (25 x $2000)
  • 4 other “special focus” scholarships are awarded. See website for details.
  • Contact Peter Murphy at

  • Susan Lindahl Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Deadline: August 15

Point Foundation Scholarship - $10,000
  • LGBT students who are enrolled full time in an accredited degree-granting program
    • Ineligible: community college, online programs, certificate programs, or trade schools, unless planning on transferring by next fall of year you apply
  • International and undocumented students can apply
  • No age limit
  • Financial need, academic achievement, personal merit, leadership, involvement in LGBTQ community, professional experiences, personal and future goals, marginalization

Leo Krziza and Esther Krziza-Condry Healthcare Education Scholarship Fund - $250-2500
  • Must be from the Cass, Berrien, Van Buren, and St. Joseph counties area (Michigan)
  • Can be renewed each year
  • Applications due March 1

LGBT HEART Scholarship Fund for Graduate Health Professionals -$2,000
  • Be enrolled in a degree seeking program in the health professions at an accredited college or university in the U.S.
  • Be “out” as a member of the LGBT community to their academic communities
  • Be eligible to receive financial aid
  • Have a favorable academic record and be in good academic standing
  • Demonstrate a commitment or contribution to the health of the LGBT community
  • Follow LGBT HEART’s published scholarship guidelines

  • Application opens: February
  • Can be a veteran or active-duty military service member
  • Can be a current spouse of veterans or active duty service members
  • Can be a service member or spouse pursuing a degree as a full time student

  • Open to all of US regardless of sex, age, color, nationality, or religious affiliation
  • Seeks to provide support to persons motivated by spiritual values
  • Preference given to those with high scholastic requirements and considering careers in education

  • Contact Della Needham, Director of Volunteers for details
  • Must work full-time at Seton

  • Deadline: February 1

  • Must complete application (self nomination) or have Fellow of Society nominate you
  • Must be a SEMPA Fellow in good standing
  • Must be able to demonstrate commitment to SEMPA’s mission
  • Must be able to demonstrate commitment to the educational development and life-long learning necessary for EMPAs. Your application should show leadership within your work place.
  • Accompanying CV

  • Must be a SEMPA member
  • Must be a student in good standing of an ARC-PA accredited PA training program or a student in a postgraduate EM training program
  • Must be in your final year of training
  • May be self-nominated or nominated by director, post-graduate program director or any member of faculty of program

Society of Physician Assistants in Otorhinolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery Scholarship - $500 (2)
  • Interest in ENT as a career
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited PA program
  • Recommendation letters required from PA faculty, instructor or preceptor
  • 500 word narrative explaining desire to practice in ENT and personal career goals
  • Must demonstrate financial need (financial aid award letter)
  • Must be in good academic standing (unofficial transcripts)
  • Must be a student member of SPAO in good standing
  • Must submit a letter verifying your student status, rotation selection and academic standing
  • Deadline: May 1

  • Merit based
  • Must be actively enrolled in an ARC-PA accredited PA program
  • Must be a member of AAPA and SPAP as of December 31

Texas Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (TAAHP) Kaplan Achievement Award - $1,000
  • Nominee must be from your undergraduate institution and started professional school thae year of nomination
  • Each undergraduate institution may nominate only one individual for the Graduate Award
  • Nominee must have entered a health professions program which TAAHP provides advising

Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE) - 4 x $2000 fellowships
  • Deadline: November 29
  • Must be of Chicano/Latino heritage (one parent fully hispanic or each parent half)
  • Be enrolled in a degree seeking program at an accredited US university full-time
  • Have a cumulative GPA 3.0+ on a 4.0 scale

Texas Association of Healthcare Volunteers Scholarship - $1000/semester/4 years
  • Must be a resident of TX with at least 2 years of higher education
  • Must be in full-time attendance at an accredited TX college or university
  • Must have a major in healthcare
  • Must have at least a 3.0 current and cumulative GPA
  • Applications due July 1 (fall) and January 1 (spring)

Texas Physician Assistant Foundation Scholarship - $1000 (3)
  • 3 scholars in 2013

  • Applications available January 1
  • Offers scholarships to Italian American students who demonstrate outstanding potential and high academic achievements
  • Scholarships to students from ANY ethnic background majoring or minoring in Italian language, Italian studies, Italian American studies or a related field, who demonstrate high potential and academic achievement

The National Military Family Association: Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship
  • Applications open: December 1, 2014-January 31, 2015
  • Must be a spouse with a valid military ID
  • Scholarships range from $500-2500, depending on the program you are pursuing
  • You may reapply each year, even if you have been awarded in a previous year

  • Finalists announced January
  • Finalist interviews: end of January-early February
  • Winners announced March
  • Must have new American status
  • Must have been born on or after November 1, 1983
  • Must already hold a bachelor’s degree and enrolled or planning to enroll in a graduate program

  • Deadline: May 31
  • Up to 4 awards of $500 each (Fall conference)
  • Must have demonstrated scholastic achievement and a commitment to service in your profession and community
  • Must have completed 24 hours or 50% of your program (whichever is greater) and must have at least 3.0 cumulative GPA on 4.0 system
  • May be enrolled full or part time
  • No limit in the number of nominees an institution may submit for each category: community college student, undergraduate, graduate, and unrestricted (any category)

Thurgood Marshall Fund Scholarships - $3,100 per semester (one-year, non-renewable)
  • School must be a member
  • Merit based and must have financial need
  • Restricted to tuition, on-campus room and board, books and fees
  • Must have a 3.0+ GPA
  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must be recommended by faculty or staff of your current school

  • Due: January
  • Selected February
  • Person 17 years of age or older who is currently accepted to a medicine related program but not yet started, or any current undergraduate or graduate student who is currently enrolled in and attending a medicine related program at an accredited institution of learning.

  • Application opens: Spring 2015

  • Donna Jones Moritsugu Memorial Scholarship
  • Vikki Lianne Mortisugu Scholarship
  • SSgt Craig Ivory Scholarship
  • Veterans Caucus Scholarship
  • Many, many more

Grants for Physician Assistant Students
LBGT PA Caucus - $1000 (2) - Deadline: March 15
  • Must be members of the Caucus
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited PA program from the date the application is submitted through the conference dates
  • Openly LGBT applicants committed to the mission and vision of the Caucus
  • Must be used for registration, travel or housing expenses for the AAPA conference of the academic year in which they are awarded
  • Priority given to active student members
  • 1-3 page essay required
  • Letter of recommendation from faculty (optional)

  • Applications for sponsorships or scholarships are accepted year-round. Funding decisions made within 30 days or less.
  • All requests must be made here.
  • Applications must be received by the 4th of March, May, August, and December for consideration by the Texas Health Harris Methodist Foundation Grants Committee and the Board of Trustees
  • Applications not accepted for individuals
  • Eligibility requirements, here

Research Fellowships and Grants for Physician Assistants

Hearst Foundations Grant Database

GE-NMF Primary Care Leadership Program

  • Opens in fall 2014
  • GE and the NMF hope to increase the number of PA scholars from two to six in 2013
  • The number of participants, as well as program sites, is being increased this year, bringing the total number of program cities to ten. PCLP will award scholarships to 78 medical, physician assistant, and nursing students, who will receive a $7,000 stipend for their participation in the program upon completion of an independent project, leadership training activities, and clinical work.

UTSW Specific Scholarships for Physician Assistant Students
Dean’s Scholarship for SHP Physician Assistant Students - $1000/year
  • Must be a full time PA student in the UTSW School of Health Professions
  • Applicant must also be an out of state student demonstrating excelling overall candidate quality
  • Application e-mailed out to students

Schermerhorn Scholarships - ($250/year) x 3
  • Awards presented in early spring
  • Given to 3 health professions students based on academic performance
  • Your name added to a plaque of past winners
  • SHP GPA of 3.0 or greater (previous and current work)
  • Completed at least 12 credit hours in SHP by the end of the fall semester
  • Must be currently degree or certificate seeking in SHP

  • Deadline: October 31
  • Open to all currently attending UTSW students
  • Must demonstrate efforts to keep MLK Jr.’s dream alive



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