Friday, October 24, 2014

PA School Tuition Decreases!

Hallelujer, praise da Lort! (I hope you've seen Madea

Our professors recently went to Philly to the PAEA Conference where some very interesting information was presented. For those applying this cycle or next, take a look at this:

Data revealed from the 29th Annual Report:

  1. If you apply to one PA program - you have a 25% chance of getting in
  2. If you apply to 12 programs (or more) - you have a 49% chance of getting acceptance
    1. No additional benefit for more than 12 
  3. As age of applicants increases, GPA was lower 
  4. With each cycle, GPAs are increasing
    1. In 2007 (avg: 3.39), while in 2011 (avg: 3.49) - matriculants (people who got accepted)
    2. In 2007 (avg: 3.12), while in 2011 (avg: 3.16) - non-matriculants (who did not get in)
  5. Health care experience decreasing steadily
    1. In 2007 (avg: 3.43 years), while in 2011 (avg: 1.88 years)
  6. Number of applicants increasing - not surprising, honestly
    1. As of September 30, 19,000 applications were submitted 
  7. 60 programs in the queue to be accredited - estimated 10,000 PA graduates by 2018
    1. There are currently 204 PA programs - this is insane! But only 177 programs participate in CASPA. 

Now the FINALE!

  1. Resident tuition at public school programs dropped 8.0% in 2013
  2. Resident tuition at private school programs dropped 2.3%
  3. Non-resident tuition at private school programs dropped 3.2% 

Twenty-Ninth Annual Report of Physician Assistant Educational Programs in the United States, 2012-2013


  1. Paul you are a GREAT writer and I'm a big fan of your blog!!!! Love the Madea dig too. Keep up the great work and best of luck to you.
    Dave DuBose, PA
    "The PA Coach"

  2. I have to ask, is the 10,000 number correct? There is no way that many programs can be in place, even with 20 students per program that'd be 200,000 graduating each year!

    1. Sorry, it is supposed to say 10,000 PA GRADUATES. It would be from about 264 PA programs. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for catching that!


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