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Practicing EKGs for Physician Assistants

Practicing EKGs for Physician Assistants
I get a lot of requests about EKG/ECG courses in preparation for PA school or the PANCE and numerous people searching for EKG courses are re-routed to my blog, so I put a list of them together for your convenience. I hope that pre-PA students, PA-S, and PA-C are all able to utilize these resources and find one convenient, affordable, and suitable to their situation. I’ve tried to list costs and details about some of them, but they’re all very different and some of them are so new they don’t have reviews yet. They range from basic to intermediate and advanced ECG interpretation. Later, I talk about in-person courses and even free resources. There are also books that you can purchase to help you study, which is how I studied EKGs and I found it most helpful to practice strips - lots and lots of them. If you’re feeling ambitious or you work in cardiology, you might consider becoming certified in EKGs, and I provide information about that below as well. Good luck in your studies to becoming a better PA and understanding these rhythms!

Online Resources
    • $27 for 90 days of unlimited access
    • $90 for 1-year of unlimited access
    • $135 for a 2-DVD set covering:
      • Triage to approach EKGs and use it as a screening tool
      • STEMI mimics
      • 7 lethal findings and subtle AMI findings
      • Palpitation case studies
    • John Beilinski’s YouTube Channel - features some EKG concepts
    • Unlimited ‘ChalkTalk’ sessions for $7.95/month
    • Basic - $14.95/month (9-hour course)
    • Intermediate - $19.95/month (14-hour course)
    • Advanced - coming soon
    • Basic, intermediate, and advanced courses, including options for certificates
    • Free demo of arrhythmia workshops to advanced level subscribers
    • Highlights: EKG monitor stimulator
    • Quickly learn to identify 27 of the most common ECG rhythms or challenge yourself to the Six Second ECG game, cardiac trivia
    • Courses: Six Second ECG Essentials, Six Second ECG Mastery, 12 Lead ECG & ACS, 12 Lead ECG Advanced
    • Cost: $275 (one day course in various locations), $675 (3-day course)
  • Advanced ECG Course.com - Houston, TX
    • Features Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp ($1,649) and a Dysrhythmia Boot Camp ($1,249) with Category 2 CME credits
    • Private VIP tutoring
    • Courses: 12-Lead ECG ($311), Animated Rhythms ($58)
    • 50 Online Case Studies ($50)
    • “Free” tracing of the week
    • 2 Modules: Arrythmias and 12-Lead EKG
    • $19.95 for 12 months of access for each module
    • Instructed by Dale Bingham, PA-C
    • 3-hour course with 15 lectures and lifetime access
    • 12-Lead ECG Interpretation Course
    • 20-hours of Category I CME
    • Student price: $49
    • PA-C price: $199
  • Free ECG Reviews
    • Lecture Captures - a composite of online ECG lectures
    • The PA Life (Stephen Pasquini, PA-C) - PDF from a Recertification course by Carol Sadley, PA-C with a 2-hour video lecture series by Jeffrer Tabas
      • EKG Interpretation, self tests, reference guide, arrhythmia drills (practice strips), 12-lead EKG, ECG quizzes, monitor quizzes, including a spanish version
    • AHA Quiz - password: compression

In-Person EKG Review Courses

EKG Books for Physician Assistants

EKG Board Certification for Physician Assistants
If you’re feeling really ambitious and you know your EKGs like the back of your hand, you might consider becoming board certified in them. Sounds crazy, right? The American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine offers a certification for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. More information here. The exam is $350 and is ideal for PAs working in cardiology.



  1. Hi Paul! This is a great resource. I can't find any information on EKG through Markquette University online, will try calling them this week.

    1. Hey Olga,

      Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the SUPER delayed response. I will try updating this blog post.

  2. Hi, How would you rank the online resources? I wasn't super impressed with Jennifer Carlquist but I did her basic ekg interpretation. John Bellinski I thought was much better. Thanks!

    1. Hey Cristine,

      Thanks for your feedback. I am planning on updating this post soon. Any other feedback you have to offer about the various courses above?

  3. Paul...

    Thanks for the mention re: Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp. However, let me make a few corrections. First, it is a live, 4-day course and not an on-line course. All our CME credits are AMA PRA Category 1 credits. The Advanced Dysrhythmia course is no longer offered as a course open to the general public; it is now available only as a private class or as a tutoring session for 1 or 2 participants.

    Congratulations on a much-needed blog and again, thanks for the mention!

    P.S. - I've had a number of PA's in the Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp and I must say that they have been among the very best and most active participants!

    1. Thanks Jerry for your feedback. I will be updating this post soon and will include these changes. If you'd like to provide a code for PA's/Students to access your course at a discounted price, message me on LinkedIn!

  4. Guys you totally forgot www.ecgwaves.com which is both the book and course for free. Cheers

    1. Thanks David! I will definitely include this when I revamp the page.


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